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Stem Cell Support

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Stem cells are the master cells in your body that can be used by the body to repair and regrow tissue whether it is the cartilage in your knee, your skin or an organ. By the time a person is 40 years old the number of stem cells in your body has decreased by 90%. The key to optimal health is maximizing the number and productivity of your own stem cells. Matrix SCS™ was developed specifically to support the stem cells in your body.

Matrix SCS™ gives you the building blocks to minimize the inflammatory response while increasing circulation which is the most critical part of the healing process. Curcumin, Glucosamine, Resveratrol, and Vitamin D are some of the critical ingredients. Matrix SCS™ combines the most potent combination of nutrients to ensure positive stem cell health and regeneration. Matrix SCS™ is a true gender neutral anti-aging description

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